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Koos Kombuis Aanhalings

About Koos Kombuis

Koos Kombuis

Life: 1954 - ?

Country: za flag South-Africa

Profession: Poet; Singer; Writer;

Koos Kombuis (born Andrť le Roux du Toit, November 5, 1954) is a South African musician, singer, songwriter and writer who became famous as part of a group of anti-establishment maverick Afrikaans musicians, who, under the collective name of VoŽlvry (directly translated meaning "Free as a bird"; in Afrikaans "voŽlvry" is synonymous to the word "fugitive"), toured campuses across South Africa in the 1980s, to "liberate Afrikaans from the shackles of its past". Fellow musicians of this movement were Johannes Kerkorrel and Bernoldus Niemand (James Phillips). They were a younger generation Afrikaner who didn't believe in apartheid and didn't toe the ruling National Party line. This movement coined the term Alternative Afrikaner for themselves. Kombuis is somewhat of an icon among certain South Africans who consider him the guru of Afrikaans rock music and father of non-conformist Afrikaans culture.




'n Mens word nie vanself mal nie. Jy word verlei tot malheid.

~ Koos Kombuis

- Seks & Drugs & Boeremusiek

Die brandweer was die enigste job waar ek nie gefire is nie.

~ Koos Kombuis

- Seks & Drugs & Boeremusiek

Plant vir my 'n Namibsroos
VerafgeleŽ Welwitschia
Hervestig hom in Hillbrow
en doop hom Khayelitsha...

~ Koos Kombuis

- "Swart September", Niemandsland, 1990, opgeneem in Koos se songs, 1998


En is jy wit
Of swart
Kak almal in die symste taal

~ Koos Kombuis

- "Swart September", Niemandsland, 1990, opgeneem in VoŽlvry: The movement that rocked South Africa, 2006

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