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Quotations on Bible

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The inspiration of the Bible depends upon the ignorance of the gentleman who reads it.

~ Robert Green Ingersoll

If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would follow the teachings of the new, he would be insane.

~ Robert Green Ingersoll

The Bible may be the truth, but it is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

~ Samuel Butler

So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.

~ Bertrand Russell

The total absence of humor from the Bible is one of the most singular things in all literature.

~ Alfred North Whitehead

Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.

~ Mark Twain

Dis nie die dele van die Bybel wat ek NIE verstaan nie, wat my pla nie. Dis die dele wat ek WEL verstaan wat my pla.

~ Mark Twain

The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation.

~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton

To say nothing of its holiness or authority, the Bible contains more specimens of genius and taste than any other volume in existence.

~ Walter S. Landor

The Bible is a window in this prison of hope, through which we look into eternity.

~ John Sullivan Dwight

All human discoveries seem to be made only for the purpose of confirming more and more strongly the truths that come on high and are contained in the sacred writings.

~ John F. Herschel

John Wesley said that if you give up the witchcraft, you must give up the Bible. He is right. The choice is easy for me.

~ Rupert Hughes

It will yet be the proud boast of women that they never contributed a line to the Bible.

~ George W. Foote

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